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We provide quality products and services for drilling, exploration and mining worldwide.


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SPM designs and manufactures to exacting standards, SPM DTH hammers deliver outstanding performance, productivity and longevity. Our drill bits have superb performance and long life which make SPM DTH drill bits a world leader.
35 Years Of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

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Our commitment to quality

How we can deliver value to our customers

Innovation and design

There are always room, although small for innovation in the design or features of the tools, which can improve its performance or increase its life to reduce the cost-per-meter of the tool.

Raw material quality

Selection of the right raw material grade, from high quality manufacturers is the first step to make high quality tools.

Heat treatment quality

Heat Treatment has a key role in the final material properties and is essential part of drilling tools production.

Dimensional accuracy

Using accurate tools drawings and modern CNC machines will lead to accurate dimensions of the tool, based on related standards which will finally result in high performance, longer life and accurate tools.

High Quality Drilling Tools

By supplying high quality drilling tools with the best competitive prices

Technical Consultations

Providing technical consultations on selection of right tools for their specific application and the right way to operate the tools

After sales services and support

And by getting feedbacks from our customers to improve their performance continuously